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Thursday, 30 May 2013

University. Something Romanticized by Movies. I realize that University will not be a fun exercise but I realize that taking more than 3 gap years is. . . unadvised. The problem is, no one wants to read an uninteresting subject over and over again as a form of studying. NO ONE LIKES DOING BORING STUFF!! I like watching movies and googling funny pictures and sleeping late. The problem with doing all these simple things is. . . well, it's boring. Our sub conscience KNOWS we don't want to be on a permanent vacation and our conscience knows we don't want to do hard work. so in other words. we can't win.

Or can we? what if we found something called a passion? IT, Chemistry, people, charity, art, drama, law, politics, science, mechanics, education, environment etc.  And we were so passionate we endured the boring balancing it with the vacation type activities called hobbies and eventually BAM!!! we're qualified within the field of our passion and we can still continue with our hobbies. It's easy to see benefits that lie far in the future. but doing the hard work. . . is doable. but, it's only doable if you have a passion.

Okay so.
  •  point 1:  never avoid life, it'll just go on without us, we'll lose time and grow far too familiar with regret. 
  • Point 2: find a passion
  • point 3: if you have no passion don't use it as an excuse! that's rude! just go to a university and do a career assessment. look at their subjects and do a general degree with subjects you like. when you figure out what you want you can add your credits to the new degree choice. 
  • point 4: go to university.
  • point 5: if you can't afford it apply for financial aid because pride is for people who want to live in a shack. if you don't get it don't give up, look for bursaries. look for future employees and write up a proposal for them. be a pest. don't give up... winners never quit and quitters never win. 
  • point 6: Live. push yourself but live. 

OK.... so this is us growing up. sometimes we've got to put the life questions aside and choose to live. we can't read about someone else's life any more and get distracted. we can't watch movies about these things. we need to live it. and whist studying and working hard isn't a vacation. it's a process of life. one that we need to discover for ourselves. and I for one can't wait to live. and I completely understand that right now I am excited and I'll get more disheartened when the hard work comes. . . but, having something to complain about creates groups. creates connections. creates friendships and laughter and just. . .LIFE! so... lets go live :)

So this is ButtonGirl .....popping in........... and falling off this coat. Peace. 

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