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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Perception - You're Wrong... but so am I.

Perception is what creates our world. Who a person is to another is based on that person’s perception of them. The possibilities of the world are limited and created by a person’s perception. Whether wrong or right, if a person can make his or her perception sound convincing with a few sophisticated words, the world will follow it. You add a degree behind that person and they become infallible. If a person has children and Age then you cannot even contemplate questioning them because they have a qualification that exceeds all qualifications - experience.
Is it fair that we should accept even our own perception of things? A perception is based on experience, so one person’s perception of something will be completely different to another’s. The way we perceive things is always based on the knowledge we've been given on the matter which is generally tainted by another’s opinion. We never receive all the facts and you hardly find a person who is willing to listen to an opposing opinion or the “other side”. Even if we find a person who is willing there is always the huge obstacle of emotion. One’s own emotional response to a situation alters the perception of that situation in one direction or another. So any perceived moment is tainted. Every memory a person has, is tainted. My sister and I will remember our childhood in two completely different lights. Are neither wrong? Or are both wrong? The way my family perceives me is so vastly different to the way I know myself. I wonder if my perception of them is not wrong.

As soon as a person hears that I want to wait to have sex after marriage they assume I’m Self-righteous. They know that I’ve decided to make that choice because I have trust issues and intimacy fears, yet they ignore those factors because they let their own insecurities taint the truth. Even the word insecurities has been associated with so much negativity that as soon as I mention it one could assume I’m saying it as an insult – out of loathing for them thinking me self-righteous. But in truth, we are all insecure about one thing or another it’s not an insult. It’s a fact. We all have a field in our lives that we are uncertain about. To be insecure is to lack self-confidence. Stating it like that seems so much less negative. Our perception of a simple word is tainted. Our perception of people is tainted. Our memories are tainted.

The question that remains is what isn’t tainted by our perception? if our concept of words are tainted and they were tainted by people who are in turn tainted, If every concept or thought a person has is tainted by their perception, then what is untainted? Our reality has been tainted by the perception of generations of followers. What is reality then? The idea of flying made no sense to people, and the Write brothers proved them wrong. How many concepts and thoughts can be proven wrong? How much more could the human race accomplish if we weren’t so cursed to follow blindly the perception of our for fathers? We are living in a false reality. That does not make us mad. It makes us all ignorant. We are all following blindly the ideas of people who died before our ancestors were a thought. Stereotypes, prejudices, selfishness, thoughtlessness, poverty, helplessness, laziness, Judgment, Ignorance – the list is endless. We have WILLFULLY inherited all of this from people of the past. If you think otherwise, Rethink it. Why is it that you think that? What are your facts and who gave them to you? Whose perception are you following? We are all ignorant in this world, you and I alike. Sometimes the Truth can be a discomfort.

 Perception creates our world. We can control our perception. We can control how our world is created.  

So . . .  this is button girl............popping in.............and falling off this coat................ peace.



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