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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Lets Understand this. . . just Give us a sec will ya?

Oh goodness I should Update a post!!!! HIY!!!!
so?. . . how you been crackalacking homies??? <--- OK I promise not to promise to never do that again. . .  but I just got into a weird mood... my badness! <--- that was said in some movie with a poem about light...{{nods head}}

so "vaat iz ziz zing doing herrre???" Glad you asked - I'm visiting. . . :D :D :D

OK! lets start making points. I got sooo irritated the other day...#truestory I was seriously shoved in a corner <metaphorically of course, I wouldn't go literally into a corner, I'd fight that> any way I was shoved to the side, disregarded treated like an adolescent normally is by people almost triple our age. . . why??? because they refuse to believe we have words of worth... I gave myself time to calm down so, no worries this post is not me complaining. . .

firstly we all have flaws that we are unable to realise, so no judgement is passed here. but sometimes, we need to have someone point out these flaws to us, because we can hurt people. . .so...

age, People who are old enough to be our parents - along with our parents - act like they have all the answers when they're not fooling themselves and they're not fooling us. this BTW is quite an unhealthy thing, we need to be taught that our parents don't always have the answers - only Google does -  but acting like you have all the answers, isn't a good thing either. NO ONE, I shall repeat NO ONE knows everything, again, that is Google's job!
sometimes we slip up and think we might have the best answer, but that can sometimes just be pride talking.
Parents don't want you to doubt them and think they don't know best because they think you'll end up being disrespectful. They actually think they won't have control and you'll end up going off the rails. you are their responsibility till the day you die in their eyes, if you come home pregnant, they'll freak but it'll be because they'll be mad with themselves, "where did we go wrong?" . . .  Other parents are proud, they don't think they can go wrong, so they ignore everything that does go wrong... some are too submissive to you because they're afraid they'll lose you.
point? Parents are humans. They're people. same with teachers, professors, boss's etc. sometimes, they need you to sit them down and tell them where they are going wrong. . . in a way that is totally respectful and loving - they're still your parents, they deserve respect for going through life with you -  sometimes, you need to tell them how you feel, how the things they say and do affect you and how you would prefer them to act and talk, try to make them understand that all you want is for them to understand and trust you. maybe just act like they love you. whatever it is. in my experience, talking helps - NOT shouting, no mesg gets through when it's just angry people shouting at each other. be open to criticism, because you're human too, you do things that hurt others, even if you don't see it. have a two way conversation and NEVER give or take a lecture, lectures never work, if your parents sit you down for a lecture, participate, if they ask you to speak or explain yourself - do. even if you think they won't understand, especially then, and tell them that you don't think they'll understand. . . they might surprise you.

we all have something to teach, we all have something to learn. no matter our age or experience we have something to give... you can learn so much from your parents, just as they can learn so much from you. . . just as much as you can learn from a stranger, just as much as a stranger can learn from you.
always keep an open mind, if you disagree, that doesn't mean you have to dislike a person, always show compassion; people have their reasons for doing the things they do, the best you can do is try to understand them and show compassion. even if you don't always like the things they do, actions are not as person, a person isn't the choices they make, or the mistakes they've made. Don't treat people like they are the actions they take or mistakes. they're all worth the stars and more and we've all got mistakes to make and lessons to learn, that doesn't mean we're any less than what we are - perfect. it's not about the fact that someone fell, it's the recovery they make when they get up, and when we trip there will always be the group feeling pity, the ones that laugh, the ones that try and help, the people that tripped you to start with, and none of that matters, what matters is getting back to feeling AWESOME. back to feeling Joy. . .  why wallow in simple matters when God made Flowers? <--- why find the sad things in life, why concentrate on the things that irritate you the people that treat you like you not old enough to understand, the child that thinks your too old to understand, why focus on that? when there are things that are good in the world too? when there are people who do understand you? focus on the good starting with the simplest thing - like flowers - and work your way up... you'll find a reason to smile.

so remember, speak, don't shout, and wait to calm down before speaking. love. Try to understand. Try to make people understand you. Never Give Up. Hug a bit more, Laugh a bit more. remember, you're not the only one who has a bad day, someone acting like a Jack@$$ 10 to 1 is probably having a terrible day too. don't add to his grief, just try to understand...:) smile at them maybe, even if they don't smile back. . .

so, may God bless you, even if you don't believe in him. . .  and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! <--- don't ask, weird mood remember? :D :D :D  fun times ;) keep the currant rolling!


so it's been fun :D I gotta roll for now :D

so this is ButtonGirl Popping in............................... and falling off this coat..........peace

Thursday, 11 August 2011

to get you need to give. To give, you first need to get.

why the random video???.... cos I happen to think he's amazing... and it's called superman... and that just happens to be my FAVOURITE super Hero... well it's a tie between Wolverine and Superman... they're both super cool... and both guys as I've just realised... but I wouldn't read too much into that... I think it's just a coincidence... ANYWAY!

HAPPY AUGUST! ... lets formulate a list of all the happenings in August....

1597 AD =  Germany throws out English sales people <--- hahaha
1860 AD =  Nation's 1st successful silver mill (Virginia City, Nev)
1866 AD = World's 1st roller rink opens (Newport RI)
1909 AD = SOS - 1st used by an American ship, Arapahoe, off Cape Hatteras, NC
1929 AD =  Babe Ruth becomes 1st to hit 500 homers (off Willis Hudlin of Cleve)
1984 AD = During a radio voice test Pres Reagan joked he "signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in 5 minutes" haahaha, I don't hate Russia, I just think it's funny... :)
1989 AD =  "Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child" premier!!! :D with Jonny Depp!!!! :D: :D :D
2011 AD = {{insert your name}} does . . . . . .  

what are you going to do this August that would be considered important... not necessarily important to the world, but to you?... something that would go down in your personal history book as an important thing, an important date, an important happening... good, bad or funny... be bold, be impulsive, make a memory... there is no reason you shouldn't have a memory made at least once a month... :) change a life, if you can't change anyone else's, change your own.. make it better then it is, if it's already amazing... make it better. Never just settle because you feel you'll never get anything better, never think that you're not worth it.... Because you exceed worth, no matter what you've done or where you've been, you are here for a reason, you breath because you have purpose... you could live in the darkest times of your life, done the darkest deeds, said the Harshest words, hurt the purest people... and you would still exceed worth, you'd still be seen as perfect to God, you'd still deserve nothing less than the best for you. it's not about what you've done, it's about what you will do after that, and after that and after that... it's about always trying... persisting, moving forward, learning, and doing better the next time, or at least trying to do better. cos it's not about if you could do better or if you did a lot of good it's the trying that counts... there is nothing worse then giving up. 

strive for happiness for yourself and not just happiness of others. you can't make others smile if you don't know how... so look after yourself, love yourself, be a little selfish when it comes to your happiness... but don't disregard others happiness, understand that being happy is the first step to being able to help others feel joy... to get you need to give. To give, you first need to get. 

anyway it's been fun but I gotta make like a frog and leap... d[O0.]b <--- what I just say???

so, this is ButtonGirl popping in.......................... and falling off this coat.... peace.