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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hey folks.... so it's been a while.... like 5 months or so... I'm good at that whole keeping up with peeps thing :P

I was reading a post by some other blogger on the wonderful creation of the interweb... except this blogger was .....misguided.
we are all entitled to an opinion unless we think our opinion is Fact and it's simply WRONG! I respect people who love God, God is a great guy to Love {{I Love that guy}} but I get incredibly irritated when people make use of the word "Evil" in the wrong text.

one must be very careful with how they say things. Words are weapons often used by us, against our will. what I mean is we often say things without malicious intend that result in the pain and hurt of another.
this man said that a certain action was Evil, when he should have said sinful. If we imply that an action we do is evil, it gives us reason to believe we are evil when we are not. This just makes us defensive and hurtful and makes us want to lash out at others...

SO my lovely people out there.... let's be careful with your words because they affect others. in a good way and a bad way... if you are going to say something that is negative, if it's not constructive don't say it, if it is... be very sure to explain yourself and end on a gentle note.

to end this post.... Words are Power...your words could start a war or prevent one. and to quote spiderman's uncle "with great power comes great responsibility" choose to show Love at all times with your words and it'll come back to you... choose to use bitterness with your words and it'll hinder you each day of your life.

so........this is ButtonGirl popping in..................and falling off this coat.....peace.

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