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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

well, it's been a while since I've seen the safe boundaries of my computer here in sunny bothas hill (I am LYING it is soo NOT sunny, it's grey and miserable and AWESOME!). If I had to describe the weather down here right now... I'd hate myself, but I would say it was like folks from twilight,,, but I won't, cos I'd rather not compare...oh, and twilight sucks...:)

today,,, I got home and started being save driven - I kid you not! - I had to carry desks and draws and and and, BIG HEAVY STUFF!!!  as in I was like "Hi mom" and she said "hold this"... you know parents have the most awesome ways of showing you there love :D :D :D...  not even an apology for scrapping the skin off my foot with a draw... yes I don't really feel pain cos I'm like one of those sparkly people that won't be bothered if a car hits them... but an appology would have been NICE yes?.... well, whats done is done.... and by that I mean, I will not complain because I'll get grounded... just saying,.,.,

and now.... cos I wee'd myself looking at these, I thought it was only fair that you followed in my trail.... :D

you see how cute there are???????.... you just wanna go out and get 50 cups and 50 kittens to fill them :D and you think you wouldn't want them after they get all big and lame,,, but some of them turn out awesome if you feed them the right drugs :D :D :D like this kitty heeeerrree :D

and last but not least....
hahaha... can you imagine this in real life!!! :D... HAHAHA  ten years from now this kids gonna see this pic on the net and sue his parents, cos -no doubt, he is an American :D :D :D

so, This is ButtonGirl popping in and falling off the coat... till next time :D 

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